10 Tricks to Help You Sing and Play Guitar at the Same Time

Playing a song is hard enough on its own – add vocals to the mix and you can find yourself struggling quickly. Singing while playing guitar is a daunting challenge that requires excellent timing and rhythm as well as the ability to coordinate the two actions together.  Like all your other guitar skills, with practice,… Read More »

Tips On Getting Better At Singing

Singing is a talent that comes more naturally to some than others. However your voice is an instrument and can be learned along with any other.  Dedication, practice and learning the right skills are all ways you can take your singing ability from average to outstanding! Find your vocal range Your range is determined by… Read More »

Sweeten Your Tone with Vocal Tonality Exercise

What is vocal tone? Tone refers to the timbre of your singing voice. For men the tone is categorized into   bass, baritone, tenor and countertenor and for women there are contralto, mezzo-soprano and soprano. Where does vocal tone come from? There are two major components for creating tone. It begins at your vocal cords. These are a value in your throat that vibrates… Read More »

Learn How To Sing Better With Online Singing Lessons

I have always wanted to learn how to sing better but I could never afford to hire a private tutor or attend singing lessons. I feel embarrassed when we go to karaoke because I am the only one who cannot hit the high notes or tune my voice properly, seems like all of my friends and family… Read More »