Learn How To Sing Better With Online Singing Lessons

By | May 20, 2016

I have always wanted to learn how to sing better but I could never afford to hire a private tutor or attend singing lessons.

I feel embarrassed when we go to karaoke because I am the only one who cannot hit the high notes or tune my voice properly, seems like all of my friends and family are musically gifted except for me.

I found plenty of free lessons online, some very useful others not so useful. While they did improve my singing a little.

What I have noticed with many novice singers who do what I did is they take a long time to get better and usually just give up as they do not get results fast enough.

If you are interested in improving your singing then the best advice that I can give you is to commit to it properly and spend the 50 dollars it takes to get an online singing course.

I wish I would have done that.

Long story short – to get good and get good fast you need planned out step by step instructions in the correct order from a skilled vocalist.

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Melanie alexanderPicI tried a few different singing courses but I found this one to be the best; Singorama was developed by Melanie Alexander who was previously in a Australian pop band named ‘Girlfriend‘, this band had a number one single. So I immediately had confidence that I had made a good purchase as I was being trained by someone who had made it in the industry.

Another thing that gave my confidence is the return policy so I really had nothing to lose. Fortunately I did not have to use it as I was happy with the product.

The course itself is in structured in 28 easy to follow lessons (plus bonuses) which takes just 15 minutes a day which you do via your laptop.


#60 day return policy

#Designed by someone who has experience and success in the industry

#Tons of content structured in an easy to use way

#Has studio software to record your own songs


#You won’t get the same results as you would with a one on one coach

#Physical product is quite pricey

#Download product requires fast internet connection

interactive ongoing coachingSome other features of the product that are worthy of a mention are the platinum members group, this involves more of a consistent coaching experience where you get to sing along with the coaches on via your laptop or  smartphone.

It is an ongoing monthly payment system that you can cancel at anytime but the biggest benefit is you will get additional resources every month by an experienced coach.

They offer an introductory price of 1 dollar for the first month.

Is This The Best Way To Learn How To Sing? 

Short answer for most people is no, if you can afford a personal instructor for one on one training then that is most likely going to be the best way of improving your abilities.

The price of having a personal singing instructor can vary, but from my personal experience I found that you need to spend at least 50 dollars an hour to get someone who is decent and it is unlikely they will offer a refund if you are not satisfied.

You could purchase singorama for that price!

Another option is group sessions not quite as good as one on one styled training but much cheaper and who knows you may even make some new friends.

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